Chairman's Message

Dear Parents & Students,

School is one of the rare places where we learn so many things both consciously and unconsciously. It becomes more crucial for one's understanding of the world as it is the time of life when basic ideas start forming or attaining a shape. It is our responsibility as individuals to make this part of the life enriched with multiple opportunities of interactions and learning. Pragati Vidya Peeth since its early days has been trying to realize creative learning environments for its students. We aim at bringing an overall development scenario. Scholars and practitioners suggest that education should be delivered by combining both formal and informal aspects of learning. One's knowledge of the world is only partially attained unless he or she learns to observe a lot from the immediate surroundings. One needs to engage in dialogs not only with books but also with the people that they live with or meet, with their own experiences that they accumulate and with their context at large. We realize these ideas by presenting opportunities before our students in the form of activities, competitions, quizzes, debates and discussion forums, sports, craft workshops and observational trips along with a sustained emphasis on course curriculum. As a result we have seen that our students not only thrive to excel in academics but they also come across as creative and curious individuals.

I offer my gratitude to everyone who has been stakeholders in this process including students and their parents, teachers and support staff for their continual support and trust with Pragati Vidya Peeth. Without all of you we couldn't have realized our motto of 'Be different, Make the difference'.

ER. Rahul Shrivastava