Rules & Regulations

CP Colony, Morar, Gwalior

Dear Parents,
In the last few days there have been terribly shocking incidents in Delhi – NCR which have shaken us all. As an educator it saddens me to think about the kind of world we are bringing up our children in and the restrictions we have to impose on them to ensure their safety.
At the outset, I would like to say that the school makes all efforts to ensure the physical, social and emotional safety of all its members.
We have again re-looked at all our security arrangements today and have decided to make some changes. Some of these will be put into effect immediately. We will inform the PTA about all arrangements.
In order to further strengthen the security arrangements we also require your support. The following will be enforced with immediate effect.

  • School gate will only be opened at 7.20 am for regular school. All children should leave the school premises at 1.30 pm.

  • No visitors will be allowed inside school during school hours, unless he/she has an appointment with a member of the staff. This includes parents.

  • Parents are requested to carry some identity proof with them.

  • No children will be handed over without the application from parents.

  • Students cannot change bus routes or bus stop without prior permission of the transport incharge.

  • Parents are requested to review / update their address and mobile numbers in student profile by visiting the school.

  • Police verification of every single staff member had been done earlier. Every new employee also has to go through this verification process.

  • Female maids in the school campus are trained and deployed to be alert. Especially on the school corridors, near lavatories and other desolate areas.

  • Cameras are installed throughout the premises for complete monitoring. The Head Mistress monitors the cameras throughout the day.

  • No drivers and conductors are allowed to remain in the school campus during school hours.

  • Frequent trainings and workshops are conducted for all staff members on security matters. We also request parents to be careful while using social media, especially when sharing messages and pictures. We need to be responsible users of the social media space and teach our children the same. We are sure you will appreciate these measures adopted by us you are further requested to help in this process. Please do not come yourself or send your driver/servant/relative to the school too frequently to take your child as this will put unnecessary burden on the security system. If the child is not well or there are other valid reasons whatsoever, it is better not to send the child to school than so come and fetch him or her during the school hours.

  • Please rest assured that we consider every child to be our own and their security is top priority. The parent community has always supported the school and we will be happy to take suggestions from parents, kindly email to [email protected] till 20/09/2017 for compilation. Be assured that PVP, Gwalior takes all necessary steps to keep its students safe and sound. Looking forward to your support.

With regards